New laws for medicinal marijuana

The Australian medicinal cannabis and cultivation scheme are due to commence on October 30.

The Australian medicinal cannabis and cultivation scheme are due to commence on October 30.

A SOUTH West resident has welcomed changes to federal legislation which will allow the safe cultivation and distribution of medicinal marijuana.

The person, who wished to remain anonymous, said they had used marijuana to self medicate their epilepsy when they could not afford the medication.

The person said before they suffered a seizure they would feel anxious and get vertigo, the person could smoke marijuana and the feeling of an oncoming seizure would dissipate.

“I use it to cope with epilepsy, some days I can not afford the medication I am on nine pills a day,” they said.

The person said smoking was not always the best way to consume marijuana because it could make you feel dodgy and in the US they had access to consumables like lollies.

The federal government has introduced legislation around security and law and order in allowing the cultivation of cannabis supply for medicinal products.

The Australian medicinal cannabis and cultivation scheme are due to commence on October 30 with the government making amendments to the Narcotic Drugs Act to enable the legal distribution of cannabis products for medicinal use.

The Minister for Health Sussan Ley said it was vital that cannabis grown under a Government sanctioned scheme would deliver the missing pieces for Australians and their doctors to manage chronic and painful conditions and were not diverted for illicit uses.

As part of the changes, law enforcement agencies would provide sensitive information to the Commonwealth to assess the suitability of applicants to cultivate cannabis for medicinal purposes.

An Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods spokeswoman said the Authorised Prescriber Scheme allowed approved medical practitioners authority to prescribe specified unapproved therapeutic goods to patients who were identified by their medical condition.

“If a medical practitioner became an authorised prescriber they may prescribe the product to patients in their care, within the indication specified, without seeking approval from the TGA.”

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