Perth 'Invasion Day' rally has clear message: Change the date of Australia Day

"We'd just like Australia Day to be held on another day so we can celebrate with the rest of the nation."

Those were the words of Invasion Day Rally protest coordinator, Mervyn Eades, after leading more than 300 people, Indigenous and non-Indigenous, in a rally through Perth to the Swan River northern foreshore on Thursday.

The group of people are part of a growing movement who are challenging the date Australia Day is celebrated.

"We want an inclusive day, we do not want it on the 26th because the 26th represents to us a day of mourning because of the mass genocides and theft of our land," Mr Eades said.

Protester Jacinta Taylor, 29, who is the daughter of respected elder Ben Taylor Cuiermara, said she loved being Australian, but hoped one day to be able to celebrate with everyone.

"We celebrate things like ANZAC Day and say we never forget, it's like that for us as well, January 26 holds a lot of meaning and it's something that we want to remember and to appreciate," she said.

"We want Australia Day to be held on a different date."

Ms Taylor is among thousands expected to take part in the City of Fremantle's alternative Australia Day celebrations on Saturday, January 28.

The council is the first in Australia to break ranks and cancel its Australia Day celebrations, citing "cultural insensitivity".

The move has been met with both support and backlash, with Premier Colin Barnett on Wednesday condemning the port city's decision, claiming they had "no right" to interfere with a national day.

Reclaim Australia plans to protest against the council's decision in Fremantle on Thursday, with around 50 people gathering at the meeting point at 3.30pm.

Australia Day marks the anniversary of the arrival of the First Fleet of ships from Great Britain arriving in Sydney and raising the Union Jack.

It has been recognised day by Australian states and territories since 1935 but was not a celebrated as a public holiday until 1994.

For Indigenous Australians, January 26 has been marked as an official day of mourning since 1938.

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