Schools should be free from smoke

RECENTLY I informed my children’s school of a staff member smoking on school grounds, in front of parents and students arriving at school, which was occurring on a daily basis.

I was informed that the school was aware of the matter and was dealing with the issue.

That was at the beginning of the year, it is now coming to the end of the school year and yet the member of staff is still out the front of the school smoking.

I’m at a loss to understand why children have to walk past a staff member blowing smoke at them as they enter the school, which is meant to be a healthy and safe environment to send your children to learn.

I’m not pointing out that the staff member should stop smoking, that is their choice, but it is my choice that my children do not breathe in second-hand smoke – they are kids.

I’m pointing out that smoking is banned on all government properties.

So please, stop smoking at school.

Do it away from the children and before the bell – not on the Education Department’s time.

Anna Hudson,


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