Resource centre’s screens

BUSSELTON’S new Community Resource Centre was decked out with its sunshades last week.

The shades are made of perforated steel screens designed to shade the building, and decorated by Nannup artist Chris Williamson.

The screens will not only surround the resource centre, but will also adorn the extended library.

As part of the architectural design of the building, the screens contribute to the environmentally passive nature of the structure.

The artworks are created by drawings which are fed into a computer aided design program, which produces the pixilated images that form the perforated artworks.

Chris said that although the form of art is fairly new, evolving with the CAD programs, it had been embraced by artists as a new way of making buildings more attractive.

“Of the 20 or so screens that are going onto the building, only about half have artworks on them.

“Screens showing a possum and cockatoos with gum leaves will feature on the eastern side of the building, and a seagull is pictured on the western wall,” Chris said.

Pip Sawyer, the city’s cultural development officer, said the screens provide 40 per cent shade.

“A percentage of funds for new projects are always designated to artworks.

“The original drawings, donated by Chris to the city, will be framed and displayed inside the building,” Pip said.

The Community Resource Centre is set to open in February.

Paul Crewe from the City of Busselton said there will be an open day for people to see the new building.

“In mid to late February people will be able to come and visit the building and see what it’s like inside,” he said.

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