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    About Superior People Recruitment
    Superior People Recruitment is a professional employment agency with a big difference

    Superior People is unique in comparison to other recruitment & employment agencies by providing a specialist level of service to a diverse level of businesses while achieving an industry leading retention rate of placements.

    We are Revolutionising the Recruitment model by breaking away from the traditional recruitment structure by providing businesses with a serious alternative to incurring the high costs by offering an affordable fee structure and a 6 month guaranteed replacement period. This is what differentiates us, more importantly, what makes our clients keep coming back for more.

    Operating across all major cities in Australia, our portfolio covers a large range of sectors coupled with an experienced and outstanding team of consultants that provide an innovative and quality employment solution.

    We are committed to connecting and understanding you and your business. This is to ensure we not only source the best skilled, qualified and experienced candidates, but to connect you with the person who will be the best fit. Australian owned and operated since 2005, Superior People Recruitment is a leading and experienced employment agency that works with a broad range of industries.

    Our success can be measured by the fact that over 72% of all candidates we have placed still remain with the employer for a minimum of 12 months and longer.

    Superior People Recruitment recognises that the investment in your staff is imperative to the operation and success of your business. Therefore we only offer candidates deemed to possess the superior skill level, culture fit and quality of character essential for your organisation.

    Our values, combined with our mission ‘to be the best, not the biggest’, means that our people have dedication, purpose and integrity, that drives our work to positively impact all involved.

    Superior People Recruitment prescribes to the philosophy that staffing recruitment should be attainable and affordable for all businesses. Our organisation is designed to provide rational and ethical cost structures that definitively challenge industry standard recruitment fees, while maintaining excellence and quality in personnel placement.

    Superior People also operates outside standard business hours to provide you a comprehensive and uncomplicated consultation process when needed.

    Our uniqueness reduces recruitment costs and makes skilled talent accessible to everyone.

    Our vision is to provide companies with the best skilled, experienced and suitable candidates for them, with minimum fuss, limited risk, and cost effective solutions.

    Our goal is to ensure we source not only the best skilled and experienced person for your business but more importantly, the person who best “fits” your organisation to ensure longevity and stability.


    • Recruitment woes due to labour crunch and high turnover continue to affect Australian employers, working to ramp up their business from the unsettling impacts of COVID-19.
    • Superior People Recruitment offers a very competitive flat fee structure for placements.
    • The firm has an extensive database of candidates at all levels, including a well-developed network of passive candidates, which helps in regional recruitment.
    Human capital undoubtedly is the most critical value proposition for any business, proving an enabler for other growth drivers. However, onboarding the right candidate with attitudes and skills suited to the business has become more difficult, especially in the current scenario when talent-crunch continues to challenge businesses throughout Australia and beyond.

    As businesses are being hit by plethora of staffing issues, a recruitments agency with effective and affordable solutions appears to be the need of the hour. Let us explore, how 100%-Australian owned and operated Superior People Recruitment fits in well with the current situation.

    Hiring getting out of budget?

    The present shortage in labour supply ensues employers to not only compete aggressively for the limited number of talents, but also to shell out more money in the entire process.

    Unfortunately, employers are already dealing with the unsettling impacts of the restrictions placed to prevent the COVID-19 pandemic. Stuck between a rock and a hard place, many employers are not in a position to put large investments to hire new staff.

    When it comes to finding the ideal match to fill vacancies at this critical juncture, Superior People Recruitment offers a very competitive flat fee structure for placements that comprises only 5% of annual base salary.

    Limited reach to potential candidates?

    Growing the network of candidates takes time, expertise, and huge amount of effort. While firms are currently dedicated to ramp up their businesses, they would not have sufficient resources to expand their reach. A committed recruitment agency with presence across diverse sectors and large pool of candidates seems to be the potential answer to solve such recruitment woes.

    Superior People Recruitment operates across all major cities in Australia, with its portfolio covering a large range of sectors. The Company is backed by an experienced and outstanding team of consultants to provide innovative and quality employment solution.

    What’s more, Superior People Recruitment has an extensive database of candidates at all levels, including a well-developed network of passive candidates. It helps the Company in recruiting for regional or remote areas.

    Worried about candidate leaving?

    When employees leave, they take away a part of the organisational capabilities with them. Not to mention, huge cost burden faced by employers for the recruitment and training purpose. Thus, it becomes very important for an employer to partner with a recruitment agency that has a strong track record and provides solutions to turnover scenario.

    On this front, Superior People Recruitment enjoys a solid permanent employment success rate. Moreover, over 72% of all candidates placed by the recruitment agency throughout Australia across multiple industries, have remained with their employers for 12 months or longer.

    While businesses are seeking ways to get their business running with the help of right human capital, Superior People Recruitment is providing them with a serious alternative to incurring high costs. The compelling solutions appear to be critical for employers trying to recruit the right fit for their business.