VIDEO: Wings for Life Busselton - what you need to know

The Wings For Life World Run is the first event in which the entire world can race together, simultaneously.

There will be 34 different race locations across the world including Kerry in Ireland, Stavengar in Norway, Santiago in Chile, Cape Town in Republic of South Africa, Silverstone in Britain and Barcelona in Spain.

Busselton is the only place in Australia to host the event which will start at 6pm local time.

While there is a defined race track, there is no set distance for competitors.

Starting at Barnard Park on the Busselton foreshore runners will go along Geographe Bay Road then along Allen Street to connect up to the Bussell Highway. Check out video footage of the Busselton course below.

Competitors will be running for 30 minutes before a catcher car starts up at 15 kilometres per hour.

If the car passes you, your race is finished and you are picked up by a shuttle bus and brought back to the foreshore.

The track is set past Margaret River and travels south just before you reach Karridale on Caves Road.

However, the trick is stay faster than the catcher car as it will speed up at certain intervals, making it even more challenging.

As the race progresses, the official catcher car will accelerate, eliminating competitors as it passes them, until there’s a single man and single woman left running.

Only they will be crowned the Global Champions of the Wings for Life World Run.

Additionally, there will also be location champions and country champions: they will be the final male and female left on the track at each location and in each country.

Supporters will be able to track all the runners locally or across the globe by clicking on the runners page.