Survival at Camp Orange

Harmony Sutherland and Charlotte Massey.
Harmony Sutherland and Charlotte Massey.

TWO local girls have been keeping a very big secret for a few months now, flying to the other side of the country, unable to tell their friends where they went, and eating some very wrong food while they were there.

Busselton girls Harmony Sutherland and Charlotte Massey won a very coveted spot on the hit Nickolodeon television series Camp Orange: Girls vs Boys, under their team name The Ballistic Belly-buttons, but had to keep this a secret from their friends until the show began airing at the end of last month.

Two girls’ and two boys’ teams, selected from around the country, fought head to head in tactical games, obstacle courses, physical challenges, and a battle of the strongest stomach in Camp Orange’s infamous test of character, the Wrong Town Dinners, which involved eating gourmet delights such as a tuna and cockroach ‘jellyfish trifle’, Brussels sprout and sardine frappes and fresh barf-burgers.

“It was really gross,” Harmony said. “But the boys had really strong stomachs,” added Charlotte.

Charlotte and Harmony both do between seven and 10 hours of dancing each week, which they feel prepared them for the challenges, though nothing would have really prepared them for having eggs cracked on their heads, or being ‘slimed’.

“After each challenge we had to shower, get our hair re-done, and get fresh clothes and shoes,” Charlotte said.

The slime didn’t come out easily, however, and the girls still had green stains in their hair, under their nails, and in their ears.

“I handed them over to their chaperones at Sydney airport,” Charlotte’s mum, Lisa Massey, said.

“And when I picked them up five days later they were tinged green.”

The pair made some great friends on the show, with the members of other teams from the show, The Grizzly Girls and Mega Monkeys, planning a visit later this year.

The hit kids’ show has guest hosts and mentors, including Jeanette McCurdy from US TV show iCarly, singer Reece Mastin, and sporting legend Ellyse Perry.

Camp Orange: Girls vs Boys, produced locally by Nickolodeon Australia, screens on Tuesdays at 3pm on the Nickolodeon channel.

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