UFO's make contact in South West

UFO expert and researcher Mary Rodwell visits the Margaret River region
UFO expert and researcher Mary Rodwell visits the Margaret River region

Every six minutes someone in the world sees something strange in the sky which cannot be explained. However the truth is out there and it’s coming to Tingrith Meeting House, Osmington.

Mary Rodwell is an internationally renowned researcher in UFO and contact phenomenon. She will be bringing her special workshops to the South West due to high demand from local residents.

“We are not alone and I’ll show you evidence” Ms Rodwell said.

Her Triggers of Consciousness lecture on Saturday November 22 will involve footage of a real UFO, statements from an astrophysicist, a look into children’s stories of sightings and generally helping people connect the dots with their own experiences.

“We are not alone and I’ll show you evidence” Ms Rodwell said.

Ms Rodwell’s passion for researching extraterrestrial encounters stems from her work as a professional counsellor. A man came to her claiming he, his wife and his children had all been waking with marks on their bodies but no doctor would take him seriously.

Since then, Ms Rodwell has worked with over 3000 individuals who have all experienced unexplained phenomenon including doctors, lawyers, psychologists and military personnel.

People who have experienced contact often describe the aliens as taking the form of angels, spirit guides or bald headed blue creatures.

The experience is said to impact a person’s life greatly, inspiring them to change and approach life in a more holistic fashion.

According to Ms Rodwell the reason why the South West region has more cases of unexplained phenomenon is due to people moving here after having a transformative experience.

People who have been contacted develop psychic abilities and heightened senses that can be overwhelmed in a city environment. 

Ms Rodwell will be running an all day workshop on Sunday November 23 for people who believe they have been contacted by extraterrestrial beings.

The workshop will provide a safe environment, free from ridicule for people to describe what they have been through. Ms Rodwell hopes the day will enable long lasting connections to occur between participants creating a community support network when she leaves.

“They are not space cadets”, Ms Rodwell said

Tickets are still available to both events and can be purchased from Lorraine by emailing her at lorraine.j.create@hotmail.com or by phone on 0415 408 086


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