Couple get hitched during 2014 Busselton Ironman | photos, video

BEING a runaway bride is usually a deal-breaker at a wedding, but for one couple who tied the knot on Sunday, it was all part of the plan. 

Kingsley and Arsiyanti Bugarin became husband and wife on the run leg of the 2014 Busselton Ironman, in a world first.

The two triathletes, who were competing in the event, took a short break mid-race for their wedding ceremony.

Sister of the bride and maid of honour Tina Ardie had organised a specific time for the crossover in the middle of the 42.2km marathon leg during which the ceremony would take place. 

The bride and groom’s friends and family had an anxious wait because the couple had just one chance to meet each other while on the course. 

Going against tradition, the bride arrived at the alter first with her groom a couple of seconds behind.

WATCH: See footage of the unique ceremony below. 

Local celebrant Jennifer Burrows, who performed the ceremony, said it was the fastest one she had ever done.

“When I received an email from Kingsley about the wedding my first question was ‘Gosh, I hope I don’t have to wear lycra and run with you,” Ms Burrows said.

Jelly rings were exchanged to seal their love before the bride ran off. 

But, not because she had changed her mind, she still had the rest of the race to complete.  

Her new husband followed soon after and the pair were reunited at the finish line. 

Maid of honour Ms Ardi said the couple would be entered into the Guinness Book of World Records for being the first to get married mid event.

Dozens of wedding proposals have been made during Ironman events worldwide but this is the first time anyone had married on the course.

“We wanted our legal marriage to take place in a unique way that would bring attention to our causes,” Mrs Bugarin said.

Mr Bugarin is a WA paralympian and Order of Australia Medalist and Mrs Bugarin is Indonesia’s first female Ironman.

SunSmart Ironman WA 2014 was Mr Bugarin’s first triathlon at this distance.

The couple are raising funds to send Indonesian Paralympics to the International Federation for sport Global Games for athletes with an intellectual impairment held in Ecuador in 2015.

The active couple met at the 2013 Bali Ocean Swim on Kuta Beach upon completion of the 10km swim. 

They got to know each other and fell in love soon after during the Bali Para Games, where Mr Bugarin, who is blind, was the Games Ambassador as a five time Paralympian with multiple gold medals and world records.

 “Ironman is an incredible challenge as well as promotion for the sport of triathlon and its constituent sports, and many athletes raise awareness and contributions for community-building endeavors through it,” she said.