Busselton brother and sister compete in 2015 The Block series.

AFTER watching the past nine series of channel Nine’s The Block, Busselton’s brother and sister duo Ebony and Luke Haythornthwaite decided to give the show a crack.

“I’m an interior designer and Luke is a carpenter so we thought, why not?” Ms Haythornthwaite said.

The pair will be the first brother and sister combo in the 2015 series and Ms Haythornthwaite said it was an amazing experience.

“We feel really blessed to be a part of the show,” she said.

She said the pair brought a different dynamic to the series which made it more exciting.

“We have the freedom to have a go at each other without the risk of breaking up a relationship - we just move on,” she said.

The Block in 2015 will have the siblings up against five other triple threat teams in the first week fighting for their place on the show.

Ms Haythornthwaite said the show was a great platform for her career and she loved how it allowed you to be creative.

When the cameras first started rolling, Ms Haythornthwaite said it was hard to get used to them following them around everywhere.

“They are there when you first wake up and you have to remember you’re on a television show,” she said.

Ms Haythornthwaite said it was great to see the whole town get behind the pair as well as their family.

“Our parents and sister are so excited and proud,” she said.

Before they went off to Melbourne to be on the show their parents gave them one bit of advice.

“Be yourself, there will be people who do and don’t like you and that’s ok because you are already winners.”