Dunsborough's Occy's Food and Brews chilli beef burger rated one of the best in Australia

Occy's Food and Brews team member Kaylee Drabble with the chilli beef burger.
Occy's Food and Brews team member Kaylee Drabble with the chilli beef burger.

DUNSBOROUGH has a new star and it is burning bright at Occy’s Food and Brews after its chilli beef burger was rated the 30th best burger in Australia.

Social media site Yelp named the burger in its top 50 list of burgers in the country, which is a site where social media users rate their experience or meal.

Head chef Christie Lynch-Whitton said it was hard to gauge if the accolade had sold more burgers because they were already so popular.

She said the burgers were popular because people choose the ratio of chilli they want which ranges from nothing at all to as hot as the chefs can make it.

“I was quite happy to find out we were named in the top 50 burgers of Australia,” she said.

“We make everything that goes into the burger, we make our own patty, we make our own ketchup and the burger buns are sourced from Tas’ Bakery which are located behind us.”

The burgers rated number two on Occy’s chilli scale are made with two different types of chilli before the rating jumps to number four and a spicy chilli sauce is added.

“From six upwards there are dried chilli flakes in the burger,” head chef Lynch-Whitton said.

“Eight upwards has jalapeños and a ten which is our hottest has lots of fresh chilli, dried chilli, chilli flakes, jalapeños, chilli sauce and death sauce.

“Quite a few people order the number 10 especially if it is a dare.”

It was time for this reporter to try Occy’s famous burger which was piled high with a big beef patty, tomatoes, onions, lettuce and spicy chilli sauce.

While I was not brave enough to endure the number 10 rating head chef Lynch-Whitton recommended a milder number four.

After making my way through the burger it was certain the chilli content crept in the final bites but I made it through happily satisfied with a slight sweat forming.

If you want to give Occy’s chilli beef burger a go and think you can handle the number 10 chilli rating the team will donate the value of the burger to the Waroona bushfires on the condition you can finish it all.