Upper Hunter author Pat Collins publishes The Wondrous World of Weeds

NEW BOOK: Pat Collins with The Wondrous World of Weeds.
NEW BOOK: Pat Collins with The Wondrous World of Weeds.

AUTHOR Pat Collins would like to introduce you to The Wondrous World of Weeds.

For decades, the herbalist and educator has been delving deeper into the topic.

This year, a collection of her knowledge was bound in a book, to give people the opportunity to use the plants around them for a range of purposes.

The work includes more than 300 photos, taken by her son, of around 100 weeds.

Not just any weeds, but very common ones, found all around the world.

And, it is the global nature of the book’s topic that has seen it sprout up internationally – in the USA, the UK, and New Zealand.

It is a book Ms Collins would have loved to own when she was younger.

In the 1980s, she was looking for something – anything – about the plants’ potential.

However, the only book she found told people how to poison them effectively.

This realisation prompted her to continue learning about the significance and usefulness of weeds – and to teach others to do the same.

“I’d just like everyone to become more associated with the weeds around them,” Ms Collins said.

“There’s just so much we can learn and I’ll never stop learning.”

From culinary and tea varieties, to ointments and creams, there are many practical applications of the simplest and most common weeds.

For 18 years, she has been helping people in the Upper Hunter, and around the world, through The Total Health and Education Centre.

The book will be available next week at www.newhollandpublishers.com

It will also be on sale at The Total Health and Education Centre, Bridge Street, Muswellbrook.

For more information, contact Pat on 6541 1884.