Kelly’s team claims mixed fours event

AS a general rule within clubs, members are asked and strongly advised to support their sponsors.

This is accepted as a “no-brainer” piece of advice, as everyone knows how difficult it is to obtain these sponsors. 

However, there is one benefactor where this advice is not given. 

In fact members are asked to hold off using their services for as long as possible. 

For the Dunsborough Bowling Club this sponsorship comes from William Barrett Funeral Directors. 

The mixed fours event has been sponsored by William Barrett for many years and the club acknowledges and greatly appreciates their involvement.

So much so, that a lot of humour is given when the winners are announced and speeches given.

Sue Barrett was in attendance once again this year to congratulate the winning team which was skippered by Jean Kelly.

Jean was ably supported by her team mates Rod Winchcombe, Bill Pearce and Gail Barry. 

The team played soundly for two wins and a draw, with another three teams snapping at their heals on two wins. 

Of those teams, second placing was awarded to Rob Prentice, Terry South, Rob Pollard and Jem Coupar.