Magnificent night of ballet at Happs Wines

A full moon set off a spectacular night of ballet set within the grounds at Happs Winery on Saturday evening.

Dunsborough School of Ballet choreographers Caroline Jensen and Jonnine Carroll brought their  skills to the fore with 35 dancers giving the audience a magical performance. 

Supported by the Dunsborough Theatre Group through the use of their lighting and sound equipment, this production showed the passion of the Dunsborough community to support cultural events of this kind. 

The setting was perfect, surrounded by tall trees which were lit up behind the stage and the sloping lawns enabled everyone to view the full stage and enjoy the well executed formations and excellent dancing. 

As the sun set, the senior girls warmed up on the stage in their dance lesson outfits using the bar.

As the evening became dark, the magic of the first ballet began with the entry of the cygnets in their white tutus. 

The stories were expressed so well by the dancers, from the little ones to the experienced seniors. It was a glorious exhibition of form, colour and grace enjoyed by everyone.

To top off the evening the documentary film Ella was shown as families cuddled up under the moonlight. 

Ella Havelka was the first indigenous dancer to be accepted into the Australian Ballet Company, was also from a country town, just like the Dunsborough dancers. 

Her life as she progressed towards becoming a professional dancer was both real and inspiring. 

Roslyn Happ was amazed at the contrast from the seeming chaos as 35 children had their make up done and ran around, to the discipline and beauty they showed on the stage. 

Ms Happ said her thanks went to all the beautiful families and teachers who supported this kind of cultural activity. 

“It gives so much to the children as well as the community in general,” she said. 


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