Things that might annoy you if you live in Busselton or Dunsborough

There are some things which make living in Busselton or Dunsborough fairly unique compared to other parts of the world, and some of those things might just annoy you.

We took a lighthearted look at some of the bugbears about living in the region.

  1. You have to go outside to use your mobile phone because the connection indoors constantly drops out
  2. Public transport in Busselton and Dunsborough stinks
  3. There is nowhere to go for Yum Cha
  4. In the holiday periods you need one item from the shop so you go to old Woolies - then new Woolies - then Coles only to find the shelves empty of what you need
  5. The price of beer compared to other parts of Australia
  6. There’s not many places open if you want to eat out after 8pm
  7. You have a rent inspection every three months
  8. The only night of the year Busselton has late night shopping is for Petticoat Lane (we love Petticoat Lane)
  9. You nearly rear end someone in the middle of a roundabout because the driver in front stopped to let a pedestrian cross the road
  10. Turning right on the highway on a Saturday morning.

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