Live art for Beyond Blue

Quindalup based artist Keili Major will donate the proceeds of her painting Connection to Beyond Blue, which she created live at a concert with musicians Tom Day and Daniel Champagne.

Ms Major was invited to create the live art after meeting the team from Little Village Music in Dunsborough, which create unique and intimate events with unsigned artists.

They chose Beyond Blue as the recipient of the proceeds because as an artist Ms Major said she knew what it was like for your emotions to go up and down making people more sensitive to everything else that was going on in life.

“I named the painting Connection, because I felt that there was a part of us which very much connects, sometimes your emotions feel like they could destroy you and other times build up everything in your life.

“Sometimes I am more sensitive towards stress and I feel like it could destroy me so easily.

“If someone sees the story through my painting, and finds the art could be part of their home, then I will give the proceeds of the artwork to Beyond Blue.”

Ms Major describes the piece as a movement of emotions which were inspired by the music of Tom Day and Daniel Champagne. 

She came to Australia from Estonia 18 months ago and was inspired to renew her interest in art after moving here, so found herself a teacher and began taking lessons from Noosa based artist Bill Mackay.

“When I sold my first painting and won a prize I thought that this was my future and I had to work for it,” she said.

To seek inspiration for her artwork Ms Major and her partner Claudio Rossi decided to travel across Australia to WA, which she said had been a life changing experience.

“The people are different here, nature is different and the opportunities are different,” she said.

Since renewing her love for art, Ms Major has started painting abstract work to reflect her emotions and to express herself.

“As I found abstract art for myself, I found painting while listening to music was something extraordinary, magical, powerful and realising,” she said. 

“Being an artist I know my emotions are not  always stable.

“I know I am not good with stress or many unrealised emotions could easily destroy my balance, but I have found a cure.

“It is something so sweet like cream, so pure like a child’s smile or so beautiful like a first kiss.

“It is a painting.

“Telling you my story through colours and my brush movements.” 

If people would like to see Ms Major’s work they may contact her on 0428 957 723 to arrange a viewing.