The importance of self, culture and land

Loss of culture, land or self is one of the hardest things to go through but is a very important issue to recognise and help people with. 

Many Aboriginal people have lost so many things but at least their culture in many instances will get them though.

I, myself at times feel very connected to the beautiful Aboriginal people of Busselton due to my beautiful Dad, as he grew up in Clontarf. I feel sadness some days as loosing both my parents has been very hard. I do things I feel they would want me to do.

As I go through life I feel a loss of family of family at times due to the loss of family of family at times due to the loss of my Mum and Dad but I have two very supportive daughters, brother, sister and incredible friends whom are there. 

Loss of self can be really sad at times as self worth is often taken into consideration. 

I myself find some friends at times have lost their homes due to huge debt or too many people in the same place but Aboriginal families don’t turn family away. 

Culture is a big sense of identity and the culture we have in Busselton is very special and sacred. We have so many respectful families in Busselton but few elders.

This is really hard at times when decisions need to take place. 

Carol-lyn Mills, Busselton 


IN RESPONSE to the Mail’s Article ‘Bussell Highway roadside rubbish disgrace’ (published May 28) There is also an amazing amount of rubbish left at all parking bays too. Disgusting. This is our beautiful country people are trashing. No respect.

Jody Young, Facebook


The amount of metal, nuts, bolts, etc. that sits on the roundabout edges of Strelley St, Busselton Bypass, is enough to puncture anyone's tyres. People do not secure their loads like they should.

Julie Howes, Facebook

Guess that sign that says littering will receive a fine isn’t doing the job.… I was sure that would work hey... last time anyone knows of a litter fine being issued please post…

Ashley Brokenshire, Facebook


The beautiful Busselton coast features in our photo of the week, captured by Sally Williams.