Dry dog sledding in WA | Photos

Busselton resident Nicola Adderson doesn’t let the lack of snow stop her and her dog’s from hitting the “slopes”. Ms Adderson is part of the Dryland Sledding Club of WA, a group that let’s dog lovers come together for some dry racing fun. A vet by day, Ms Adderson has been racing for eight years and often travels over east to race in the snow.

“I love it, it is so much fun and a great way to spend time with your dogs while also exercising and socializing them. The dog’s love it, when I get them out there they can’t wait to get going.” Ms Adderson has four dogs, three huskies and one boarder collie cross husky. 

“It’s not only huskies that race, there are kelpies, boarder collies and any other larger sized dogs, as long as they like to run. Anyone who is interested is more than welcome to come check out the club and see what we are all about.”

The group will be heading off to a joint race in July and will be holding their own race in September. For more information email drylandsleddogclubwa@hotmail.com or call 0416 540 916.