Margaret River Pro set to continue

Margaret River Pro regular: John John Florence. Photo: World Surfing League.
Margaret River Pro regular: John John Florence. Photo: World Surfing League.

THERE has been a major coup for WA surfing with a two-year extension of the Margaret River Pro after it seemed destined to be cut from the championship tour. 

Tourism minister Paul Papalia and Surfing WA recently confirmed the event for 2018 and 2019 with both men's and women's divisions.

The world tour event is predicted to provide the South West economy with $5.4million from visitors and is a great tourism promotion for the wave rich region.

The World Surf League had initially planned to cut one event from the Australian leg of the tour, with events in Queensland, Victoria and WA.

The pro surfers have to spend a large time-frame of two months in Australia competing in these contests while most countries have just one event.

The Margaret River Pro has been enhanced in the past two years with mobile contest venues such as the Box and North Point bringing new life into the event much to the enthusiasm of the elite riders.

The Box provides a critical, powerful wave while North Point is one of the best waves on the planet when conditions are right.

"It's definitely one of the events with the most variety of waves that allows us to surf in all conditions," John John Florence said earlier this year. 

"It's one of my favourite places to come to on the whole tour."

Stephanie Gilmore said the location represented "authentic Australia", catering for surfers with a sense of adventure.

"This is a dream destination for surfers who love adventure and to me, this area really represents authentic Australia, this event should stay," she said.


Thursday has variable SW winds and a solid three-metre swell. Friday sees winds turn strong NNW and a 2m swell. Saturday should have some good three-foot wind swells in the bay and WNW winds, with similar conditions on Sunday with a 4m swell. 


Castle Rock on Saturday.