Busselton soils aint soils growing funds for local groups

Intuit Earth and Soils Aint Soils in Busselton and Dunsbrough have teamed up to support community groups through the sale of Intuit Earth’s certified organic biodynamic compost.

Throughout spring,  $6 from the sale every cubic meter of compost will be donated to communities that register with Intuit Earth to be part of the program.

The funds will go towards several local groups, including; Busselton sea rescue, Our Lady of the Cape school kitchen garden, Busselton surf life saving community and Busselton hospice care. 

Customers can choose their charity of choice when making a purchase.

“There is possibly a pool of $10,000 available to community groups.” Said Louise Edmonds, Managing Director of Intuit Earth.

“Our social and civic environment needs nurturing just as much as our natural environment, this program is a small contribution to the amazing community groups that give so much.” Said Ms Edmonds

“Intuit Earth compost is made in Dardanup from household organic waste streams. It is a high quality product that is currently used buy farmers in the south west and has only this month become available to the public.” Said Ms Edmonds

Other community groups from Busselton and Dunsborough are invited to register for the program.

Please contact Louise Edmonds on 0415 916 718 orlouise.edmonds@intuitearth.com.au.

Soils Aint Soils Busselton is also hosting a free Backyard Composting and Healthy Soils Workshop on Saturday the 19th of August. 

Learn to make your own compost and improve the health of soils and plants.

To register, contact  9751 5322.