Busselton cracks open doors to unique new cafe

The Good Egg is bringing a new vibe to the Busselton cafe scene.

Those who have already been into the cafe will have immediately noticed the cafe has a cool feel to it, with a funky dining area downstairs and a work hub upstairs. 

Owners Deb Hallyburton and Amy Ovans said it’s taken them 18 months to get to this stage, but they couldn’t be more proud of what they have achieved.

“We are both so happy with what we achieved, we couldn’t have hoped for a better opening day,” Mrs Hallyburton said.

“There were a few teething issues, which is to be expected. We are a bit sleep deprived so we are running on adrenalinen right now.” 

While the Good Egg is definitely a happy place, it has a somber origin. 

“I lost my husband, Brad to brain cancer, I left my job and spent about 22 months taking care of him,” Mrs Hallyburton said.

“Right before he passed, Amy and I got together and decided we wanted to start up something in his honor. 

“That’s how we hatched this idea of a cafe and work space.” 

“That’s where the good egg comes from, Brad used to call everyone a good egg.”

“So this is really a tribute to him, 5 per cent of all profits we make are going to brain cancer research,” Mrs Ovans said. 

The Good Egg is more than just a cafe; it is a work hub for businesses to get together, a little retail shop filled with beautiful unique products, a play area for children, a relaxation spot for Mum and Dad and a foodie hub all merged together.

“Once we get fully on our feet we are going to start running cooking classes and creative classes,” Mrs Hallyburton said.

“We put a lot of effort into thinking about what we as Mums would like to have in a cafe to make it as comfortable as possible.”

Located along Albert Street, the Good Egg opened on Wednesday, August 23 to a packed crowd.

“We are hoping to go from strength to strength, we are really excited with how everything is going so far so fingers crossed for the future.”