2017 City of Busselton council candidates | Kelly Hick

Ms Hick said she is so fortunate to be here "living the dream" and wants to see Dunbsorough and Busselton thrive.

Ms Hick said she is so fortunate to be here "living the dream" and wants to see Dunbsorough and Busselton thrive.

Kelly Hick is running for council, saying she wants a diverse council that represents the vibrant communities that make up the Busselton Dunsborough region.

Ms Hick has lived in Dunsborough for the last three years and has run accommodation businesses in the South West for several years. She currently owns and operates a boutique accommodation business and is vice chancellor at ECU.

“I have been heavily involved in not only tourism, but law (particularly local government), higher education and so much more - we have no staff at our villas, I do it all,” she said.

“I wanted to run for council because I truly feel that we need a more diverse and representative council to lead our community through more change in the future.”

Ms Hick believes she has been here long enough to understand the community, but also not so long that she won’t question things.

“I bring a balance, I live here, I love it, I embrace it but I can also see the areas where we need to change and evolve. I bring fresh eyes to the situation. 

“I appreciate that Dunsborough has a different voice to Busselton, and that Yallingup has a different voice as well, I want to bridge these links and allow each area to work together without losing their individuality.”

Ms Hick said she would also like to focus on tourism and infrastructure, saying she understands the needs for both residents and tourists.

“I would love to see us thrive all year long, evening during the winter period. And for that we need to balance the need for infrastructure with sensitive and sustainable planning development.”

While it may look like she has a lot on her plate, Ms Hick believes she has the time and skills to put into council.

“I am used to being busy, I have worked in local government before. 

“I understand it, of course there is more to learn but that is something I am willing to do. 

“I want to give my time to my community, to see it grow and thrive. I am committed to making a difference.” 

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