Vasse Yallingup Siding road continues to be hot spot for accidents

The speed limit along Vasse Yallingup Siding Road is once again in the spotlight after an accident along the stretch of road last Sunday, October 9.

Just before 10am, a car crashed into a tree outside Ian Carter’s Marybrook property, making it the third crash in that area in the last few months. 

The driver did not sustain any serious injuries, though the car was seriously damaged. 

Ian Carter assisted police and the driver after the crash. 

"Will it take a fatality before anything is done?” he said. 

“All of the accidents have been close to a school bus stop.”

"There would be 30 to 40 vehicles which go through there in a 10 minute period in school bus times. You get a school bus on the edge and a semi trailer going through and there's no room left. It's a main arterial road and should have a speed limit."

Vasse MP Libby Mettam and City of Busselton councillor Rob Bennett have again called for a reduction of the speed limit along the road. 

Mrs Mettam said the previous government had committed to reducing the speed along the road. 

“Before the election the previous government committed to reducing the speed limit on this road with the Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Transport visiting the site,” she said. 

“It is disappointing that Main Roads are now of the opinion that this is not necessary and that this stretch should instead be treated with appropriate curve advisory signs.

“I have written to the Minister for Transport, Rita Saffioti, urging her to reconsider this decision in light of the concerning number of crashes that have occurred on this dangerous stretch of road.”

Mr Bennett said it was ridiculous to allow vehicles travel up to 110 kilometres per hour on a narrow, winding stretch of road used by school buses and heavy-haulage trucks.

"There are less hazardous roads in this vicinity that have speed limits of only 80 or 90kph. I don't know why Main Roads are reluctant to set a similar speed limit."

Transport Minister Rita Saffioti said the situation has been investigated. 

“I’m advised Main Roads recently investigated the speed limit along Vasse Yallingup Siding Road by undertaking a safe curve speed assessment and deemed it appropriate,” she said. 

“However, I’m keen to continue to monitor the situation.”

Main Roads were asked for comment but did not reply before publication.

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