GeoCatch Bay OK garden winner

Busselton residents and new homeowners Nerissa and Alex Johnson were the lucky winners of the GeoCatch Bay OK garden competition.

As part of the prize, The Forever Project’s sustainable garden expert Chris Ferreira and his team of landscapers installed a sustainable front garden at the Johnson’s home.

Ms Johnson said they had been trying to decide whether they should do up the front or the backyard of their new home using their tax return and could only afford to do one.

They decided to do the front because it was a smaller area and would make the home look complete, then they found out they had won the competition.

“By Christmas time we will be able to have a fully established yard, which is amazing because we would have waited at least another year before we could have considered doing the backyard,” Ms Johnson said.

“It is absolutely amazing and we are so grateful.”

GeoCatch project officer Lisa Massey said sustainable gardens were fertiliser wise which was important in the Geographe catchment, along with being water wise.

“Fertiliser runs off our gardens when we over water, onto the roads and into the drainage, which goes into our wetlands and waterways,” she said.

“When the sun comes out it turns the water green which is the foot of all the other problems we have.

“All the estuaries around here run out into the bay, having a sustainable garden is keeping the bay okay.”