Dunsborough: Vintage Jazz Club to bring the rhythm

Local Vintage Jazz are bringing their cool tunes to the South West.

Local Vintage Jazz are bringing their cool tunes to the South West.

Local jazz enthusiasts can look forward to the end of the month, thanks to the Local Vintage Jazz Club. 

This Sunday, October 29 will be the unofficial jazz night for the South West, with an evening of great jazz music on display.  

Running from 4pm – 7pm, the evening will be filled with great music, dancing and good company.

The event will be held at the Dunsborough Hall.

The club came as a group of local jazz enthusiasts who got together to fill what they saw as a hole in local entertainment options. 

Group producer Lynn Sheen said the club was a great way to bring the community together.

“The old club closed and there was this gap left,” Ms Sheen said.

“Which was disappointing until we thought, well, what are we waiting for?

“We can do this ourselves. Which is exactly what we did.” 

The clubs first event had around 70 people attend.

“We are hoping this one will be bigger and better than the last, we had a great turnout last time so we are hoping to go from strength to strength.”

Ms Sheen said the best part about jazz was the improvised quality to it.

“It’s funny, it is such an old style of music but it really appeals to people of all different ages.

“I really love the unstructured quality of it and seeing all different people enjoying it.”

Originally from New Orleans in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, jazz is a style that focuses on self expression and fun. 

“It truly is a timeless music genre.” 

Tickets are $25, with food and drinks BYO. 

For more information contact Lynne on 0407553994 or Pip on 0429899391. 

Some tickets will be available at the door but to avoid disappointment book beforehand.