Canal Rocks boat ramp rally

A rally to save the Canal Rocks boat ramp from closure has been organised at 11am this Sunday at the boat ramp car park, after an announcement was made that the ramp would be closed.

Last week, Vasse MP Libby Mettam said she was disappointed with the outcome of a feasibility study which had sought funding to address safety issues at the boat ramp.

The announcement has left Yallingup fishermen and divers - who regularly use the boat ramp – outraged over the decision.

Yallingup resident Andy Johnson said he believed the decision to close the ramp was an another example of over-governance.

Mr Johnson said if people did not know who to use the ramp – like most residents did – then people might get into trouble using it.

“If you know how to read the conditions you will not get in trouble,” he said.

“I have been here for nearly 50 years and have used the boat ramp a lot, and it’s only when people who do not know when to go out that get in trouble – and it is usually in northerly winds and a big swell.

“Most of the time it is safe.”

Mr Johnson said if people were complaining about the boat ramp being unsafe then they should not be using it.

“This is just another example of more over-governance, which we see more and more every year - cottonwoolling us and litigation – everything is about that these days there is no commonsense,” he said.

“People pay through registrations and fishing licenses, this is where the money should be going.”

Canal Rocks boat ramp in Yallingup

Yallingup resident David Hunt said the decision was about money, and while money had not been a problem now – it was a problem with the current government.

“This ramp is used by a multitude of people it is just a stupid idea, I have been using the boat ramp since the 1970s, now that I am a bit older I only use it on calm days.”

Diver Mike Centa said if people went to the boat ramp in the middle of winter they probably would believe no-one would use the boat ramp.

“I am questioning if that’s when the consultants came, because in winter it is usually covered in six-feet of seaweed,” he said.

“Everything is slippery and wet, you could not imagine using it, then look at it today, where is the problem?  Please.

“If you use these out of season on rough days, I could imagine people describing it as dangerous, commonsense always comes into it.”

Vasse MP Libby Mettam wrote to the Environment Minister requesting his reconsideration of the decision and was contacted by a range of stakeholders regarding this issue including tourism operators, fishermen and emergency services.

The Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions were contacted for comment but did not respond prior to publication.

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