Sail into life starts

The second Sail Into Life session for the 2017/2018 sailing season will be held today, with the forecast set to be perfect for safe and enjoyable sailing.

Sail into life starts today at Port Geographe Marina.

Sail into life starts today at Port Geographe Marina.

If you've never sailed or like to sail but never get the chance, this Wednesday's sail is for you.

Sail Into Life gives anyone who has never enjoyed the thrill of sailing the chance to safely sail around the Port Geographe harbour in the company of an experienced sailor. 

The small yachts used sit low in the water and, even at modest speeds, they give the impression of zipping along, so the sailing experience is exhilarating. 

People with a disability, able-bodied people, including seniors who simply want to enjoy the thrill of sailing, as well as volunteer helpers are all more than welcome to join us from 9am for a morning sail. 

The cost of a sail is just five dollars which is to cover the cost of fuel and maintenance for the mandatory rescue boat which will be in attendance on the day.