Looking for love? Guess where singles have their best chance

If you're a single female and looking for love, living in the Busselton region gives you a pretty good chance of finding "the one", according to new research based on the 2016 census.

Demographics Group director Simon Kuestenmacher crunched the numbers from the census and was able find where WA singles have the best chance of finding love.

The research surveyed male and female singles aged 25-34 and found the number of available men, per woman, in each WA postcode.

According to the data, single women should be travelling to Harvey, Ashburton, Boulder and Donnybrook- Balingup. But Busselton and its surrounding areas also fared pretty well for the ladies.

In the Busselton region, there were 118 single men available for every 100 women. In Busselton itself, that was slightly reduced to 116 single men available for every 100 women.

A significant "single woman drought" has affected many of WA's most regional towns, with the Shire of Harvey recording just 72 single women between the ages of 25 and 34 in the area – in comparison to the 139 single men living in the area.

Ashburton had 178 single men for every 100 women and Boulder came in a close third with 139 to every 100. 

Blokes should be frequenting Dawesville, near Mandurah, in their quest for love, with just 83 single men available for every 100 single women.

Exmouth blokes can also count themselves lucky, with 86 single men per 100 single woman, closely followed by Broome and Halls Creek with 90 per 100. In the city, Mosman Park and Yanchep had 84 and 86 respectively for every 100.

The data showed that living in the Perth metropolitan area significantly upped your chances of love, but men living in Balcatta may find themselves less lucky.

The suburb recorded a whopping 159 single men available for every 100 women and was closely followed by nearby Craigie with 150 men to every 100 women.