Squid Lips in Dunsborough celebrates 10 years

Ten years ago, a Dunsborough business owner hurt his back while working as a builder which meant he could not return to his trade.

Looking for a new opportunity Paul Martin saw a need for a fish and chip shop in Dunsborough and so began Squid Lips which is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year.

Since they first started, the family-run business has opened a second store in Margaret River and have sponsored a number of children’s sport clubs in the community.

“We have given over 10,000 vouchers in that time, around 1000 vouchers a year,” he said.

The secret to their success, Mr Martin said, was keeping the menu simple and making a really good product which their customers loved.

“We have gone through lots of hurdles and we are still running, we have not changed anything too much and people know to come to us for a good squid,” he said.

“We do up to 70 kilograms of squid a week and sometimes we do up to 40kgs a day, that’s massive.”

Mr Martin said he was self-taught cook who loved seafood.

“I did not know a thing when I started, I came in and had a crack, the first year was hard, and worked the first five years flat our everyday.

“It has been rewarding since then.”