Busselton moving towards becoming a smart city

The City of Busselton is looking at ways to use digital technology in a shift towards the region developing a ‘smart city plan’ as part of its community strategy.

Image by Shutterstock.

Image by Shutterstock.

The city held a workshop on Thursday, November 16, to identify the impact of the digital economy on the region and what opportunities technology could present.

City of Busselton economic and business development coordinator Jon Berry said the city would undertake systematic planning to adapt to emerging technologies.

Mr Berry said a strategic plan identified key priorities for the community to move forward based on economics, the environment and community development.

“A smart city plan would look at technological solutions to try and solve some of the issues that had been identified,” he said.

During the workshop city officers and community members identified steps forward around traffic, health services, the environment, transport and economic diversity. 

“It is really important that councils and governments engage with the citizens,” Mr Berry said.

Last year, the federal government introduced a a smart city plan initiative which aims to place Australian cities in a position where they can succeed in the digital economy, attract talent, encourage innovation and create jobs.

The federal government stated the smart cities plan set our their vision for cities to maximise their potential through investment, policy and technology.

The government would prioritise projects which met objectives such as accessibility, jobs, affordable housing and healthy environments.

The initiative was developed in a response to growth with the federal government stating it was time to rethink the ways cities were planned, built and managed to support global competitiveness.

Next year, the city will hold a hackathon were community members and city officers will drill down into the top priorities identified at the workshop to see what infrastructure and services are needed in the community using information technology.

City of Busselton mayor Grant Henley said at the workshop that a digital city group would be formed to help lead the smart city initiative.

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