Marriage milestone for Busselton

Busselton’s Shelley Lee and Jules Jones will be history makers on Saturday when they become the city’s first same-sex marriage.

It was never their intention to make history, with a commitment ceremony planned prior to the union being legally recognised.

Ms Jones said although it wasn’t their plan to be the first, they were proud to pave the way for others in the community.

“I guess it will open doors for others, the doors are already open politically, but this just says ‘you know what its okay to celebrate and be who you are’,” she said.

“It is just celebration of our love and two souls coming together.”

The pair, who have been together since 2014, said their wedding preparations featured all the usual hoo-ha with outfit mishaps and music compromises.

Thankfully, the duo perfectly complement each other, with Ms Lee the ‘bridezilla’ and Ms Jones the ‘bridechilla’.

Ms Lee said it was hard to not be emotional during the political process and when the momentous decision was revealed.

“For me it was emotional because there was this possibility that it could be legal and to us we thought why shouldn’t it be,” she said.

“I was also really emotional for Jules who has struggled throughout her life with family acceptance.

“Jules’ Dad has always accepted us, and now Australia accepts us too.”

Ms Lee’s two adult children will travel for the wedding and Ms Jones’ 90-year-old father will give her away.