Dunsborough water woes

Vasse MP Libby Mettam and Dunsborough Cricket Club president Mathew Lepidi.

Vasse MP Libby Mettam and Dunsborough Cricket Club president Mathew Lepidi.

Dry and sandy conditions at the Dunsborough playing fields are causing a headache for the cricket club with players copping facial injuries from uneven grounds.

Dunsborough Cricket Club president Mathew Lepidi said a lack of water over summer made the grounds unsafe for players from sections of the grounds which were patchy.

“The community have come to me as the president of the cricket club asking what is going on with the oval. It just needs more water,” he said.

“We would like to see a more sustainable, long-term water source. If it costs the city a bit more money to buy water off the Water Corporation to make the ovals green so it does not cause issues when we are using it, so be it.”

City of Busselton director of engineering and works services Oliver Darby said the playing fields were watered from a bore three times a week, which cost $14,500 last year to power a pump to irrigate the fields.

Mr Darby said to irrigate the fields from the main supply would cost in excess of $100,000.

“We are working with the state government on  a long term solution for a more sustained non-potable water supply to assist with existing and new infrastructure in the area.”

Water Minister Dave Kelly said the government was developing a strategy to address green space irrigation supply issues in Dunsborough.

Mr Kelly said the decision not to transfer water assets to Busselton Water for non-potable supply to Dunsborough was made because the Department of Water indicated a transfer of ownership would have no likely benefits to customers and would cost the government overall.” 

Vasse MP Libby Mettam said Busselton Water presented government with an innovative fully costed plan to provide a viable non-potable water scheme to Dunsborough.

Ms Mettam said the Minister’s claims the cost of transferring water services could be up to $12 million were unsubstantiated.

“The Minister has rejected an innovative and affordable plan for Dunsborough.”