Cars destroyed in Dunsborough Lakes hit and run

What should have been an evening of celebrations turned into a night of shock and dismay for a Dunsborough Lakes resident.

Curtis Stewart was celebrating a friend’s birthday at his Dunsborough Lakes home when he heard a vehicle smash into the front of his house.

“About 11.30pm on Wednesday night I heard a really loud screech, it sounded like someone was doing a burnout around the corner,” he said.

“My housemate said he was going out the front, we were going to tell them to knock it off - it got louder and louder - then the whole house shook like an earthquake.”

Mr Stewart said they were already on their way out the front after hearing the screeching and sliding and were on the scene within seconds, but no driver was in sight.

“They had fled by the time we got out the front I could not believe it,” he said.

I was gobsmacked I came out and there was just a car and no-one there.

Curtis Stewart

“The whole street was out the front, there were probably 100 people and no-one saw them, that is how quick they got away.”

The driver of the black Ford Falcoln XR6 drove through a fence and brick wall before t-boning Mr Stewart’s car with enough force to push it through the neighbour’s fence.

Lucky for Mr Stewart, he found the driver’s mobile phone which was laying on the ground next to the crashed vehicle and handed it into police.

“My car is a write off. It was worth $60,000, and was my work vehicle, the homeowner is up for $40,000 because they need to tear the carport down and restructure it.

“We are all insured which hopefully helps us.”

Dunsborough police senior sergeant Kelly Player said the occupants of the black Ford Falcoln XR6 fled on foot and were unable to be located.

Police are continuing their investigations.