Revitalising Geographe Waterways launches a website

A website dedicated to the Revitalising Geographe Waterways program which addresses management of wetlands and waterways in Busselton and Capel has been launched.

The website contains information on the progress of Revitalising Geographe Waterways’ projects, as well as resources such as scientific reports, publications and detailed information on the different waterways in the Geographe catchment.

Vasse Taskforce chairperson Dr Sally Talbot said the website provides a one-stop-shop for all information relating to the health of the Geographe’s waterways.

“It provides a fantastic resource for anyone interested in the program or the Geographe’s waterways,” she said.

“This website will ensure the community has the most up to date information on the science and management actions currently taking place to improve water quality in the catchment.

“It will also provide information about upcoming events and how people can get involved and contribute to the program.”

GeoCatch will continue to be the link between the community and will manage the website with the assistance of the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation.

The Revitalising Geographe Waterways program is a State Government funded initiative which aims to improve water quality, health and management of the Geographe’s waterways.

The website can be found at