The People's Place permaculture project kicks off

Broadwater residents Helen and Peter Taylor have joined the People's Place permaculture project.
Broadwater residents Helen and Peter Taylor have joined the People's Place permaculture project.

Budding gardeners Helen and Peter Taylor have joined a community-minded team helping to reinvent the People Place, and learn a thing or two about permaculture along the way.

The People Place on Kent Street in Busselton is undergoing a makeover to create a magical community space using design principals from permaculture.

The People Place chairman Tony Robinson said they would create a garden for people which would transform a space that was totally unproductive.

Ms Taylor saw the Mail’s article about the project and was already interested in learning about permaculture, sustainable gardening and wicking beds.

“What really appealed to me about this project was learning by doing, not having to read. I told Peter about it and was pleasantly surprised that he was interested,” she said.

You are learning alongside experts. This is cutting edge stuff in terms of how we should be gardening now and into the future.

Helen Taylor

Mr Taylor said the project was great for the Busselton community and he was looking forward to moving back into his home with a bunch of fresh ideas for their garden.

“We are renting at the moment and haven’t lived in our home for a few years,” he said.

Mr Taylor was keen to get involved in the project so he could learn about growing espalier fruit trees and fruit and vegetables in confined spaces.

“Wicking beds and self watering gardening beds, the idea of actually how to live using fewer resources is a great idea,” he said.

Under the guidance of the Ethereal Yogi Collective, project teams will participate in a series of permaculture classes held throughout the year at The People Place.

Mr Robinson said the garden would be used for experiential training so people could participate in the project for a small fee.

“People will learn how to do permaculture and take part in creating the garden so there is ownership and great community value in it,” he said.

“We are hoping to get a great group of people who would be interested in seeing this grow and come every week to a class.”

If you would like to find out more information out the project or join the classes please contact The People Place by phoning 9752 3550 or visit the website

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