Busselton's boxing champ Kylie Hutt to fight for national title

Busselton’s boxing champion and two-time WA title holder Kylie Hutt will go into the fight of her life next month in a bid to claim the Australian National Boxing Federation national title belt.

It has been Hutt’s dream to go higher up the ranks to take a national title and the fighter has been working hard for the belt over the last two years.

“I do not know what opportunities this will open up for me, I have not really thought passed the national title because that is all I have aimed for over the last two years,” she said.

“Once I get there I thought I would be pretty happy to retire, but I love boxing, I love the art and sport of it and love everything about it so I would definitely keep going.

“Even if I do not compete after this I would still do boxing for fitness.”

Hutt will take on her old rival Sarah Dwyer for eight-two minute rounds at Perth Thunder Dome next month boxing her heart out for the national title.

“That is how I won the state title belt, I knocked Dwyer out in the second round,” she said.

“It is going to be exciting, it is a big step up from four rounds to eight, the most I have gotten to is five rounds.”

While the competition will be tougher, Hutt said she was feeling confident and would go into the fight expecting the unexpected.

“Particularly because Dwyer wants this as bad as I do, but my coaches are teaching me new skills, they are building my confidence and they are making me a brand new fighter.

“I think she will need to expect the unexpected as well.”

Hutt is being coached by Crandon and John at Dennings Boxing and Fitness Gym in Bunbury who have  worked on improving her fitness and technique.

“They have been amazing, they are very supportive,” she said.

“Coming back to training after Christmas has been pretty hard, but I am at the fittest I have ever been so I am excited to see what the next month brings.”

Hutt has taken on an intense training program for two months leading up to the fight, training up to five times a week and doing drills in her spare time.

“It is hardcore when we train,” she said.

The fight takes place at Perth Metro City on Friday, March 16, tickets to the event are available by phoning 0481 127 500.