Laurance finally faces her fears

Eagle Bay resident Dianne Laurance and Dunsborough photographer Tim Campbell teamed up for a stunning underwater photo shoot off Point Piquet.

The shoot came about after Ms Laurance decided to face her morbid fear of sharks which had prevented her from entering the ocean.

Mr Campbell was on the scene to capture every moment of Ms Laurance’s challenge and spent three hours off the beach in the crystal clear waters of Point Piquet.

"Tim was in the moment with me," she said.

"He not only snapped some amazing shots but also captured my emotions in every photo. He is an awesome photographer and I love working with him.

"The thought of sharks never entered my mind as I played and posed beneath the ocean's surface. I was calm and at peace. The fear had vanished."

In the last shoot Mr Campbell sent Ms Laurance out about 100 metres offshore by herself to get some drone shots.

"I lay out there enjoying every moment floating on my back with my eyes closed and heard the drone buzzing around," she said.