Dunsborough duo reach WA Pro Am Series final

Dunsborough's Zac Ogram  made the prestigious Open final of the WA Pro Am Series last weekend at Gas Bay. Photo is supplied.
Dunsborough's Zac Ogram made the prestigious Open final of the WA Pro Am Series last weekend at Gas Bay. Photo is supplied.

Dunsborough duo Zac Ogram and Jake Osman made the prestigious Open final of the WA Pro Am Series last weekend at Gas Bay.

The conditions were testing for the event with cross shore winds, low tides and double ups but competitors made the most of the power.

Ogram and Osman placed third and fourth in the final which was won by Jake Edwards from Cottesloe. The win for Edwards sees him awarded the final position into the Drug Aware Trials, the precursor  to the World Surf League Margaret River Pro. 

“I'm so stoked to have won and earn my spot into the Drug Aware Trials,” said Edwards.

“It was so hectic out there, so much wind and water moving I had no idea what was going on until I hit the beach. All the boys have been ripping and I'm really excited to compete in the Trials in April.”

Former World Championship Tour surfer and big wave rider Felicity Palmateer, made a welcome return to the Pro Am Series, winning the Open Women's division with some strong rail surfing.

“I think it was 2009 on Rottnest Island the last time that I competed in a WA State Title event,” said Palmateer. 

“I'm a proud West Australian and I've been back doing some coaching work with Jake Paterson and the event was a great opportunity to compete under priority in some quality waves.”

Yallingups Holly Thomas finished third place in the Open women's final.

Yallingups Jake Patterson did the double with victory in both the Over 35 Mens and Over 40 Masters divisions using his competitive knowledge.

Patterson used powerful turns and rail surfing to achieve maximum points for the win over his brother Paul Patterson and Dunsborough rippers Tommy Trigwell and Paul Burke in the Over 40's.

“It was really cool to compete under priority for the first time at the State Titles,” said Paterson.

“I think it's been a great call to come here to Gas and despite the wind really howling the past couple of days, overall it's been a great weekend.”

Forecast: Thursday features ESE winds and a fun 1.5m swell, Friday turns more SE with a smaller 1.2m swell. There should be a new pulse of long period 1.5m swell over the weekend with more SE winds.

Hotspot: Mainbreak on the weekend.

Open Men:

1. Jake Edwards (Cottesloe) 13.27 - $500

2. Jack Haslau (Margaret River) 12.67 - $250

3. Zac Ogram (Yallingup) 12.67 - $150

4. Jake Osman (Yallingup) 9.04 - $100

Open Women:

1. Felicity Palmateer (Burleigh Heads) 25.13

2. April McPherson (Mandurah) 20.3

3. Holly Thomas (Yallingup) 18.59

4. Chloe Weir (Ocean Reef) 8.20

*combined best two waves from 2x finals

Under 21 Pro Junior:

1. Jack Haslau (Margaret River) 16.03

2. Ben Gradisen (Gracetown) 13.74

3. Jed Gradisen (Gracetown) 11.1

4. Ethan Barry (Geraldton) 6.97

Over 35 Masters:

1. Jake Paterson (Yallingup) 26.51

2. Josh Harrington (Mandurah) 24.57

3. Drew Everest (Scarborough) 13.77

4. Nick Black (Mandurah) 7.04

 *combined best two waves from 2x finals

Over 40 Senior Masters:

1. Jake Paterson (Yallingup) 14.50

2. Paul Paterson (City Beach) 12.30

3. Tommy Trigwell (Yallingup) 11.57

4. Paul Burke (Dunsborough) 8.16

Over 45 Grand Masters:

1. Paul Paterson (City Beach) 15.50

2. Shane Drew (Secret Harbour) 9.73

3. Todd Taylor (Dunsborough) 9.50

4. Mark Clift (Trigg) 8.23

Over 50 Legends:

1. Mark Clift (Trigg) 9.93

2. Ian Ainsworth (Dunsborough) 7.93

3. Brad Cowan (Margaret River) 5.40

4.  Adrian Shepherd (Albany) 5.17

Over 55 Kahunas:

1. Frank Grey (Secret Harbour) 17.90

2. Patrick Connell (City Beach) 14.66

3. Adrian Shepherd (Albany) 14.10

4. Barry McKinnon (Dunsborough) 12.70

5. Sheldon Spencer (Mandurah) 0.53

 *combined best two waves from 2x finals