Naturaliste Volunteer Marine Rescue christen the RV Guiness

A generous donation from a deceased community member left to the Naturaliste Volunteer Marine Rescue group was enough for the volunteers to buy a new boat.

Naturaliste Volunteer Marine Rescue commander Geoff Brierley said Jerry Guiness was an inaugural member of their group.

He said Jerry made a generous donation to the volunteer group a couple of years ago which went towards the new rescue vessel and building extensions.

“Sadly, Jerry passed away however we hope he approves with our spending and the least we could do was name the vessel after him [the RV Guiness],” he said.

The marine rescue group in Dunsborough was first formed in 1982 by Ross Scott, initially using private vessels for recovery operations.

Mr Brierley said over the years with help from community and government departments they have been able to grow their facilities.

He said most of their building had been constructed by community members for not much more than the material costs.

“We have been very lucky to have such a supportive and generous community and we are very grateful for that support,” he said.

“Our members train each Thursday night and I have never seen a group of people get on so well together – and like all other volunteers – they do an outstanding job.”