Birthday wish granted for Yallingup man

‘Make a wish’  is usually what people say when someone has blown out the candles on their birthday cake.

Yallingup resident George Tocas didn’t wait for this moment, instead telling those around him exactly what he wanted for his 80th birthday.

Mr Tocas wanted to ride the water slide at Xscape at the Cape fun park near Dunsborough.

So when his friends who walk and swim with him each day at Yallingup Beach found this out, that wish was granted.

Mr Tocas waited until school holidays were over, to ensure he could make the most of the opportunity.

Onlookers were left holding their breath, as the 80-year-old took longer than expected to arrive at the end of slide.

A collective sigh of relief went out when his big grin appeared.

Mr Tocas summed up the experience nicely.

“Exhilarating,” he said.

“And recommended when you turn 80!”