Dunsborough netballers head to New Zealand

Seven ladies from the Dunsborough Coasters Netball Club will represent the region on the international stage.

The netball team, made up of Karen Speck, Bethaney Bendall, Perri White, Carol Hayley, Anya Dawson, Lisa Richards and Cass Wheel will play the upcoming Golden Oldies Netball Festival in Christchurch.

The friendly competition unites over 35s for a week long netball carnival, where the social events are just as important as the games.

The categories range from social games to competitive.

The Coasters have entered in the second division, a decision based on the fact ‘New Zealand has really good netballers’.

However, despite the different divisions, the festivals is all about fun, friendship and fraternity so no scores are published and there is no overall champion.

The bi-annual event is part of the Golden Oldies Sports Celebration, which involves teams from around the world in all different sports.

The trip has been years in the making for the ladies, who all play many different local competitions and some times find themselves as opponents rather than team mates.

When asked about their training regime, the team laughed and said after many years playing in the South West they were like wine, just getting better with age.

The team is currently focusing on their opening ceremony entrance, where they will represent the region as the ‘Gourmet Escapees’ – complete with black and white striped outfits.

They are also on the look out for local souvenirs to give to their opponents as part of the competition tradition.