Horoscopes: week beginning April 8, 2018

ARIES: Tuesday through Thursday is a difficult time, during which you will question your chosen course in life. Some adjustments are necessary as you steer around obstacles. April 13-17 stimulate selfless desires to do good and make a difference in the world; at least as far as Arian natives see it. Such actions therefore colour each day’s activities during this influence.

TAURUS: Your beliefs will be challenged during Tuesday through Thursday, perhaps by someone close to you or a set of circumstances emanating from domestic connections. Taurean natives are applying their energies towards the realisation of a dream during April 13-17. You won’t be alone in your quests, as there are many others who share the same visions.

GEMINI: You will not find it easy to manage the circumstances that manifest during Tuesday through Thursday, whether you are dealing with financial issues, health or work. The quest for perfection tends to colour your actions and deeds during April 13-17, perhaps earning you some unsolicited honour. You can also use these trends to enhance the quality of your work.

CANCER: Financial or ethical issues tend to promote friction in relationships during April 10-12. Beware possessiveness and manipulation, as these forces can be destructive. The mysteries of life stimulate your mind and beg for study during April 13-17. Some will choose to study different philosophies whilst others will journey to unknown places to satisfy this urge.

LEO: Tuesday through Thursday has the potential of being a tough time, whether you are dealing with problems at work, managing health issues, or dealing with domestic interests. Selfless actions are characteristic of Leonine behaviour during April 13-17, prompting them to assist the needy or less fortunate during this time. Donations to a worthwhile cause are likely then.

VIRGO: Children can present challenging problems for Virgoan parents during April 10-12. You’ll need to adjust schedules under the unforeseen circumstances that develop then. There can be no conflict in a relationship such as marriage or partnership during April 13-17, because you tend to view things from the same standpoint. This condition promotes harmony.

LIBRA: You will not find it easy to manage the domestic circumstances that arise during April 10-12, whether the problem has a basis in building structure, relationships or budget. Libra will work tirelessly during April 13-17 to assist others in need or to materialise the perfect creation from the application of your skills. The results are exceptional.

SCORPIO: You tend to push forward your ideas with too much vigour during April 10-12, alienating those who could make your path easier. Look to better management of work relations. Scorpion parents have much to give their children in guidance, love, and the provision of basic and special needs. During April 13-17 these are Scorpion parents’ main interests.

SAGITTARIUS: April 10-12 is a financially challenging time, although you will rise to the challenge and surmount it. You may also be expected to juggle problems with kids. The home is a venue where recreational interests are played out during April 13-17, bringing an immense amount of pleasure to Sagittarian natives. You’re doing something creative with your home.

CAPRICORN: Financial and ethical challenges to your plans may arise during April 10-12, all of which you will seek to overcome. Sometimes it is necessary to roll with the punches. Your improvisations are rather clever during April 13-17, enabling you to negotiate daily life with ease. You’re particularly good with words and presenting the picture as you visualise it.

AQUARIUS: Tuesday through Thursday is simply not a good time. Problems are not easy to manage, made worse by people unwilling to listen. You need to review your career direction. Humanistic interests propagate financial activity in the Aquarian chart during April 13-17, perhaps as you are working in a field that encompasses these ideals or would like to do so.

PISCES: Challenging influences are operating during April 10-12 as a conflict of mind and will arises. This may spur you on to new objectives, following a review of current ones. Materiality is not as important at this time as it might be to others, leading to an ordering of priorities based on spiritual values. This trend is especially active during April 13-17.

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