Event to be held for South West's hottest dogs

A group for sausage dog lovers and owners in the South West will gather in Busselton next weekend to celebrate their love of the breed and socialise their pets.

Sausage Dogs South West is a Facebook group with more than 500 people.

Creator Heidi Dempster said she started the group in 2013 after she got her first sausage dog.

“There was a Perth group called Long Dogs WA and they were having lots of walks and events and we could never make it up there. I knew quite a lot of people around us had sausage dogs as well and said let’s just do one of our own,” she said.

Mrs Dempster said she was overwhelmed with how quickly people started joining the group and how many people in the South West had dachshunds.

Registrations of dachshunds in Australia have increased from 1,258 in 2010 to 1,487 in 2017, according to the Australian National Kennel Council.

Mrs Dempster said there was often waiting lists because the breed is in such high demand.

“The waiting list is massive and everyone wants one,” she said.

The group will meet at Barnard Park on May 20.

For more information visit their Facebook page.