Horoscopes: week beginning June 17, 2018

ARIES: Domestic and family matters will demand much of your attention during the month from June 21, with many enjoying the pleasures of home and family. Some will review the past twelve months as they prepare for the new personal year ahead. There are some pretty wonderful things happening around June 22-24, July 4-10.

TAURUS: The aspects of daily living, communications and travel will assume greater importance in the month from June 21, especially on June 22-24, 26-28, July 4-13 when these trends are at their most active. It will be necessary to pace yourself if you don’t want to be run ragged. Family connections also seem to be more intimately woven with the function of daily life.

GEMINI: More energy will be directed towards the acquirement of possessions or the generation of income in the next month, as the importance of your financial status looms large. This is also an extremely productive time for business, with positive dates accentuated on June 22-24, July 4-10. Be more cautious on June 26-28, July 11-13.

CANCER: Your energy levels will increase considerably in the month from June 21, especially on June 28 and July 8-14, adding a little more sparkle to life. Financial and ethical considerations will also be on your mind. You should be feeling pretty good in yourself and are more easily able to exercise a little personal authority.

LEO: There comes a time every year when it is wise to allow the field to lie fallow. In a metaphorical sense, these next month symbolise that time of year for you. You are probably a little run down and should be able to receive assistance needed with health and other matters around June 22-24, July 4-10. Less helpful are June 26-28, July 11-13.

VIRGO: Your social life and ambitions are accelerated over the month from June 21 by the Sun’s presence in Cancer, with June 28 and July 8-14 providing highlights. You’ll feel invigorated as obstacles fall by the wayside. However, there are one or two problems around a friend or the achievement of a goal which need to be personally handled.

LIBRA: Career and employment are key issues over the next month for Libra. You will find it easier to accomplish the goals you have set for yourself, also impressing others along the way. It is likely that you will make some worthwhile associations which could develop into powerful friendships with the course of time, especially on June 22-24, July 4-10.

SCORPIO: There is an accent on mental stimulation and the exchange of ideas over the month from June 21, particularly on June 22-24, 26-28, July 4-13. Some of you may consider studying in order to improve your career options, an option which will prove to be generally quite successful. Business persons will find advertising campaigns effective.

SAGITTARIUS: It is that time of year again when you must face the routine of taxation matters; with some also needing to examine loans or other aspects of financial management. This trend is accentuated during June 21 and July 23, with problematic dates falling on June 26-28, July 11-13. Advice is helpful and plentiful especially on June 22-24, July 4-10.

CAPRICORN: Many Capricorn individuals will feel closer to their partners during June 21 and July 23, as the Sun’s presence in Cancer highlights the elements of mutual understanding in the relationship. Plan special events for June 22-24, July 4-10. This is also an excellent month for business partnerships. However, June 26-28, July 11-13 could be troublesome.

AQUARIUS: Many Aquarians will have greater demands placed upon them at work between June 21 and July 23, with the worst days being June 26-28, July 11-13. However, this is generally an excellent time to start fitness routines or to seek advice with health matters, with best dates being June 22-24, July 4-10. There may be some concern over the welfare of your partner during this time.

PISCES: Your responsibilities are focused on children between June 21 and July 23, or in learning how to be more effective in your creative applications. Pisceans tend to enjoy their work more at this time of the year, and this year is no exception. Romance is also highlighted. Expect the best on June 28 and July 8-14 and the least on June 26-28, July 11-13.

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