Shark advice for Three Bears near Yallingup

The Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions has extended its beach closure for Three Bears surfing spot, near Yallingup.

The closure will remain in force until 6pm on Thursday, July 12, when a further review will be conducted.

The closure extends from 600 metres north of the Three Bears car park to 300 metres north of Shivery Rock surf break due to a slowly decomposing whale carcass that remains in this area.

The decomposing whale carcass may continue to act as an attractant to sharks.

The closure is in place from the shoreline to two kilometres out to sea. This means beaches and waters in this area cannot be used by divers, surfers and swimmers. This closure does not apply to vessels.

Shark sightings should be reported to Water Police on 9442 8600.