South West Strikers win over Rockingham

The South West Strikers dominating play against Rockingham when they hosted the match at the Bunbury Hockey Stadium on Saturday.

The clouds cleared just in time which made the weather conditions perfect for a game of hockey.

The majority of the first half was spent in the Strikers’ attacking end.

When Rockingham had control of the ball they were ineffective and Strikers were able to easily turn the ball over.

After a dominant first half the Strikers went into the break three goals to one.

As the second half started the Strikers picked up where they left off with an early goal.

The Strikers did take their foot off the pedal after this with Rockingham able to press more in their attacking half.

Rockingham was able to peg one goal back as well as stopping the home side from scoring again.

The final score was 4-1 with Strikers Pia Kirk, Aliyce Soule, Meg Read and Georgina Dowd all contributing to the scoreboard.

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