South West pubs and eateries jump on board Parma for a Farmer

Amelia Park Lodge - Tavern waitress Tatiana Cota with their parmigiana meal.
Amelia Park Lodge - Tavern waitress Tatiana Cota with their parmigiana meal.

Several establishments in the region have jumped on board to help drought stricken farmers in the Eastern States by making donations from every parmigiana they sell.

Parma For A Farmer is an initiative for hotels, clubs and restaurants across Australia to donate money from every parmigiana sold to the Buy a Bale campaign.

On Friday, August 10 the Carbanup River General Store owner Marissa Taylor said they would donate 100 per cent of their earnings from every parmigiana sold and match it dollar for dollar.

During August, Amelia Park Lodge general manager Sammi Walsh said they have jumped on board the Buy A Bale campaign being run by Rural Aid and would donate $2 from every parmigiana they sold.

They also have a donations tin at the bar for any patrons who would like to contribute to the cause.

The Dunsborough Tavern and the Ship Hotel in Busselton have also taken on the initiative for the month of August and will donate $1 for every parmigiana they sold.

The Australian Hotels Association (WA) chief executive officer Bradley Woods said it was the latest example of licensed venues participating in worthwhile campaigns to lend a helping hand to fellow Australians.

“Each day we are seeing more venues get on board with this campaign to help support farmers on the Eastern seaboard who are facing some of the most trying weather conditions they have seen in decades,” he said.

“It is deeply heartening but not surprising to see so many venues participating in this worthy cause – WA’s pubs, bars, restaurants and taverns regularly undertake fundraising activities to help out those in need.

“It is fantastic to see them yet again passing around the hat to help out their country cousins, despite being thousands of kilometers from affected areas.”

If you would like to get involved or find out more information about the Buy a Bale campaign visit