Busselton student disturbed by act of animal cruelty

A 17-year old Busselton student who was walking home after school on Monday afternoon came across a disturbing act of animal cruelty.

Ned McMinigal was walking over a footbridge on his way home when he saw a turtle which had been hung to a metal post with its own intestines.

Mr McMinigal said the turtle had been injured around its abdomen area, had a cracked shell and part of its inner contents ripped out.

He reported the incident to authorities when he got home from school.

Figures released earlier this year from the RSPCA WA’s Cruelty Hotline revealed Busselton as one of the top 10 regional locations for animal cruelty complaints.

It was the third year in a row Busselton made the list with the three main complaints being ill-treatment, abandonment and causing unnecessary harm.

A Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions spokesperson said anyone with information about the incident should report it to the Wildcare Helpline on 08 9474 9055.