Princesses with purpose set to right fairytale wrongs

They flirt. They drink. They swear.

They're Margaret River’s latest batch of royals and they're not afraid to say what they think, and do what they want.

The all-singing, all-dancing troupe of nine so-called 'fairytale princesses' bound for this month's Disenchanted are determined to cast off the veil of decades of Disney-fied stereotypes and get down to the brass tacks of the women who inspired some of Hollywood's most loved films.

The off-Broadway musical was a favourite of director Ian Smith’s on a visit to New York City a few years ago. 

“I saw the show with a friend and we were both immediately talking about how we would love to produce it in Margaret River,” Smith said. 

“I was really excited when I heard the rights had been released and we got to work pretty quickly on bringing together a show I’ve been dreaming about for a while.”

Catching wind of plans to produce his show, Disenchanted creator Dennis Giacino was keen to lend a hand. “Dennis has been fantastic, helping with so many aspects and being a great sounding board for  ideas,” Smith said. 

“One of the challenges of producing a show in a place like Margaret River is a smaller group from which to draw performers and behind the scenes crew. 

“We have been very lucky during this show to have had some very talented actresses join the group and will step onstage with a number of our regular contributors.”

The function space at the Stay Margaret River hotel will be transformed into the princesses’ fairytale castle for the four-show run, while under the same roof the Willow Grill bar and restaurant will offer dinner and drinks to showgoers.

“We even have princess-themed cocktails on the menu, which can be pre-ordered along with dinner and intermission drinks while you’re booking tickets.”

Self-appointed leader of the ‘Princess Posse’ Snow White (aka Belinda Robinson) said audiences could expect 90 minutes of laughter, songs and a few moments of stupidity. 

“It's a show that cuts through all the nonsense of these really well known stories… and then adds a whole pile of nonsense on top to make you laugh.

“A word of warning – there are adult themes and content throughout, so we recommend leaving the kids at home and having a grown up night out with us!”

Disenchanted’ is at Stay Margaret River September 28 and 29, and October 5 and 6. Tickets are $25 at or call 9757 2633.