Slithery surprise on Moruya breakwall

Pythons on the Moruya breakwall.
Pythons on the Moruya breakwall.

A surfer posted a slithery surprise to social media this morning, a photo of a large python relaxing halfway down the Moruya breakwall.

Moruya local James Blakeney said he was running along the breakwall to go for a surf when he saw an odd-shaped “log” poking out from the rocks.

“I was running out for a surf and just thought it was a log, then it popped its head up and I was like, ‘oh wow, it just moved’,” he said.

“I dropped my board and ducked back to the car to get my phone to take a few photos of it, because you would never see anything like that again.”

Python captured on an iPhone this time last year.

Python captured on an iPhone this time last year.

Mr Blakeney was impressed by the python’s position halfway down the breakwall.

“It was just chilling there, totally sunning itself and possibly feeding on Canberrans; seriously, though, it was that big it could’ve stomached a small child,” he said.

It was an odd spot to sight a snake; Mr Blakeney believes it may have been there eating rats and enjoying the warmth of the granite rocks. 

“I have seen a heap of rats out there living in the rocks which probably eat whatever is left from people fishing,” he said.

The photos were taken in November last year; he said he had forgotten them and decided to post one to Instagram this morning. 

It is a convenient reminder that snakes are now out of hibernation and are hunting for a spring meal. Pythons are not venomous but can bite if disturbed.

It is important to remember simple tactics in order to avoid a snake bite. If bitten medical attention should be sought straight away.